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Instant Websites for Confluence - Server

The server version of Instant Websites for Confluence allows you to publish your Confluence space(s) as a static website with support for various hosting options.

This highly configurable and robust Confluence App is the optimal way in delivering your collaborated content to the public.

Host your website, technical documentation and how-to guides all at a click of a button. 

Instant Websites for Confluence Server:

  • can be enabled on a per space basis by a Space Administrator,

  • converts the content of a Confluence space into a mobile responsive and static website,

  • publishes and hosts the website from a choice of four hosting solutions - Download, Git, File System and AWS

  • allows a Space Administrator to configure the look and feel using CSS, 

  • allows a Space Administrator to configure behaviour using JavaScript, and;

  • allows a Space Administrator to configure sitemap.xml and robots.txt files for search engine crawling

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