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Troubleshooting Instant Websites

If you're struggling with Instant Websites a good place to start your search is Atlassian Answers. And of course you can always reach out to our support team for assistance.

Content Missing or Items out of order

Sometimes the publishing process can get out of whack and the site needs a full refresh.

To do this, navigate to the Space Status section of the configuration: Apps → Integrations → Instant Websites → Space Status and select the Site Sync button.

This will republish all pages on the entire space, so we recommend doing this only when absolutely necessary.

Domain Name Propagation

Domain name updates may take 24 hours to propagate across the internet, for all the gory details see DNS Propagation by Dreamhost.

Changing the configured URL

If you would like to change the URL you original configured please contact the support team.

Secure your Instant Website

If you would like to configure SSL for your site, please raise a ticket with the support team who will provision a certificate for you. 

Image Attachments

Instant Websites copies across the latest image when there are multiple versions of an image attached to a page.

If you notice a missing image:

  • Ensure there are no colons, spaces, apostrophes or other special characters in the file name. Files with these characters in their name cannot currently be requested from the host Confluence instance. Please only use alphanumeric characters in the file name of your images.

  • Attach the image directly to the page in question. Copying the image from another space can block Instant Websites from fetching the image.

Embedding JIRA Issues in a page

If you want to embed JIRA issues in a page please ensure that you provide JIRA access to the Instant Websites for Confluence system user, as such

Instant Websites requires a Space homepage

Instant Websites requires a Homepage be to selected for the Instant Websites enabled space. New spaces are created with a homepage by default, but if your space doesn't have one, then to use Instant Websites you will need to select one. You can see how to do so here:

aadon_instant-websites user can not be found

Error: "To use Instant Websites, we need to be able to read the content of your space. You will need to edit the permissions and grant either the confluence-users group, or more specifically, the addon_instant-websites user the view permission for this space.

Solution: Identify the InstantC user in your users list and apply space permissions to that user. Alternatively, as the error suggests, granting view permission to confluence-users will also work"

Macro support

Some macros are powered by javascript and require re-implementation for use in Instant Websites. Therefore, we cannot guarantee all macros will work out of the box with Instant Websites. However, if a macro outputs static HTML, then it's likely that it will work with Instant Websites. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact the support team.

The Page Tree Macro, which is javascript-powered, is supported by Instant Websites for Confluence.

The Content by Label Macro is supported by Instant Websites but will only link to pages within the existing space. Instant Websites, by design, can not access the content of other spaces for security purposes.  

The Children Macro is supported by Instant Websites but a sort order must be selected for it to appear.

Search Results

Search results are computed on the client (the desktop or mobile web browser of your customer) using a different process to Confluence search. As such, search results will not be identical to Confluence.

If you are having issues with your search results you may need to re-sync your site. To do so under Space status > click Sync space

Sync Space

If you've made a major change to Confluence such as introducing a page restriction updated custom CSS or javascript you may need to run a space sync. 

To do so under Space status > click Sync space