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Instant Websites for Confluence

At GLiNTECH we know the best place to collaborate and create effective documentation is Confluence. And our experience has taught us that the best place for customers to consume documentation is a company-branded, fast and mobile responsive website on your own domain.

Instant Websites creates a static and mobile responsive website from a Confluence space and serves that from Amazon Web Services on your company domain. Once Instant Websites is enabled for a space, page updates are automatically synced to the public website so your documentation is always up to date. 

Instant Websites:

  • can be enabled on a per space basis by a Space Administrator,

  • converts the content of a Confluence space into a mobile responsive and static website,

  • publishes and hosts the website from a publicly accessible Amazon Web Services site,

  • allows a Space Administrator to configure the look and feel using CSS, 

  • allows a Space Administrator to configure behaviour using Javascript, and;

  • allows a Space Administrator to add a Google Analytics tracking code

Instant Websites and Confluence's new editing experience

We are currently working on making Instant Websites for Confluence Cloud compatible with the new Confluence Cloud editing experience. It is our recommendation that you do not switch over to the new Confluence Editing experience if you are using or wish to use Instant Websites on Confluence Cloud. 

See a demo here

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