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Security Scanner

As we move to the Cloud, we want to ensure that our usage is as secure as possible. This is especially true when collaborating within Confluence spaces and working on highly confidential tasks in Jira projects. The team here at GLiNTECH focused our expert experience to create Security Scanner, a cloud-based app that will scan Confluence or Jira sites to identify publicly accessible components.

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Installing the Security Scanner

Navigate to the Apps menu on the site you wish to install Security Scanner and navigate to Find new apps. Search for Security Scanner, select and install. You will need to do this in both Jira and Confluence Cloud sites.

Scan your site

Once installed, navigate to Apps in the top navigation bar of your site. You will see Security Scanner listed.

Public Access Scanner

You will land on the Public Access Scanner tab of the app. By selecting Run Security Scanner, the site will be scanned for publicly accessible content.

In the case of Confluence, this will include spaces, pages, blogs and attachments.

For Jira, this will identify publicly accessible projects, issues, dashboards and filters. It will also identify any permissions that have been granted to anonymous uses.

Scan your Confluence site for publicly accessible components

Permissions Scanner

Security Scanner also provides a birds-eye view of permissions for any given project or space. Navigate to the Permissions Scanner tab, search for your desired project in Jira and space in Confluence. The scan will commence immediately. On completion, you will see a summary of users and groups who have project/space access and a list of users who have administrative access to that space or project.

Select a space and scan for permission summary

Download a report

You can download a copy of the Public Access Scanner or the Permissions Scanner in different formats.

Upon completion of the Public Access Scanner, you can download your report in PDF and JSON format.

The Permissions Scanner provides the report in CSV format for you to use in your preferred data reporting tool.


Permissions Scanner

Errors with the Permissions Scanner will most likely have to do with Space permission access.


To resolve this you can manually add the Security Scanner app user with view permissions to the affected Space.

Ask for help

At GLiNTECH we have a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to securing your cloud site. We have recently achieved an Atlassian Cloud Specialisation. GLiNTECH is one of only three partners globally to receive this coveted award.

Naturally, we are here to help!* Raise a support request with our dedicated Managed Services team directly from the app. You can do this once you’ve scanned your site by selecting the Request Help button in the top right-hand corner of the page. Fill in your details and Submit.

*Fees may apply