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Compact Cards for Jira


Compact Cards for Jira is a simple add-on for Jira Software. 

By toggling the 'Compact View' button on the Active Sprint and Backlog views, cards and items are reduced in size. This not only maximizes your screen real-estate but makes managing your software projects easier. 

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Installing Compact Cards for Jira

  1. Log in to the Atlassian JIRA instance as an admin or a system administrator.

  2. Choose  Cog > Add-ons from the menu. The Administration page will display.

  3. Click the Find new add-ons link.

  4. Enter the search text "Compact Cards" in the search field. The appropriate add-on version appears in the search results.

  5. To install the add-on, click the Buy now or Free trial button. 
    A confirmation message and details appear when the add-on is installed successfully. Follow the prompts to apply the appropriate license.

Using Compact Cards for Jira


Compact Cards for Jira places a button called 'Compact View' on the Active Sprint and Backlog views when using JIRA Software. 

By toggling the Compact View button, the size of backlog items or cards will reduce in size.  

Once installed, Compact Cards for JIRA places a button on the page. 

By clicking on the 'Compact View' button, cards sizes are reduced.

Hover over a card to see it pop back to its original size.

Compact Cards for Jira Release Notes