Using Page Metadata

Using Page Metadata macro

Once installed, the Page Metadata add-on can be used when a Confluence page is in Edit mode.

The Confluence page needs to have been published at least once to be able to use this feature. 

Adding a Page Metadata to the page.

  1. While editing a page click on Page Metadata icon </>.
  2. Create metadata by entering content in the Metadata key and Metadata value input fields. 
  3. Select Save to apply the page metadata. Note that metadata keys must be unique.
  4. Once a key-value pair is added, it will be listed in the Page Metadata editing popup.

  5. delete link is listed alongside each metadata key-value pair defined. This will remove the pair from the page metadata.
  6. Once the Confluence page is saved and published, Page Metadata content can be viewed by selecting the Page Metadata icon </>.
    The user can also see these values under the Page Information.