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Making Content Look Great

With Instant Websites, you have plenty of options for making your content look great and resonate with your audience. 

Page Ordering

You can order pages in the Confluence Space hierarchy and that order will be reflected on the Instant Website. To change the order of a page go to Space Tools ⇢ Content Tools ⇢ Reorder Pages:

You can then drag and drop pages to change the hierarchy and order of pages within that hierarchy.

Custom CSS

It is possible to customise the CSS of your Instant Website. See Customer Examples.

Custom JavaScript

It is also possible to customise the JavaScript of your Instant Website by adding your own. Add additional behaviour or further analytics codes. 

Adding your JSD Widget

If you are using the JSD Widget you can embed it in your Instant Website using the Custom JavaScript page. 

To do so using the following syntax:

Javascript snippet for JSD Widget
document.write('<script data-jsd-embedded="" 

And replace 'XX-XX-XX' with your generated data key.

Page Hiding

Setting a page to restricted will prevent it from appearing on your generated website. Be sure to sync your space to make sure the generated site navigation reflect your changes. 

Further Examples

See more ways to improve the look and feel of your site by checking out our Customer Examples