Instant Websites for Confluence - Cloud Release Notes

Instant Websites release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes release notes for major releases and minor (bugfix) releases. 

Versions can also be found here


Release Date:   

  • Redirect functionality
  • Removed popup button from code-macro
  • Corrected Permission bug that effected navigation bar.


Release Date:  

Improvements have been made to allow the user to send errors to support directly from the Space Status page. Error messages are more informative especially in the case of page titles being too long.


Release Date:  

Additional content parsers to comply with Atlassian API


Release Date:  

NodeJs upgrade, Sitemap, App support and Expand Macro


Release Date:  

A couple of enhancements to improve link parsing and search



Release Date:    

  • Added extra css for panel macro.
  • Updated footer url.
  • Search handles hyphens.
  • Removed plus for main search.
  • Added label field to search results.
  • Updated search library lunrjs to 2.3.3.
  • Added AUI css to align look and feel closer to Confluence.
    • This may affect the custom css of some users.

  • Fixed paginated requests for child pages and labels.
  • Added expand macro support.
  • Made search more inclusive. Search uses a stop word filter - a list of common words that are filtered out during search.
  • Fixed IE search bug.


Release Date:    

  • Added the ability to filter searches by labels
  • Input boxes are now resizable


Release Date:    

  • Fixed bug where HTML in custom javascript was unintentionally escaped.
  • Added support for Confluence live search and code macros


Release Date:    

  • Bug fix.


Release Date:   

  • Introduced an option to upload a custom favicon.
  • Fixed an issue with long length strings. 


Release Date:  

  • Introduced the ability for the user to edit their host-name or delete all configuration. 
  • Fixed an issue with how links were parsed and created, especially when they contained special characters.


Release Date:  

  • Improved messages when a sync error occurs
  • Fixed an issue with how links were parsed and created.


Release Date:  

  • Ability to configure Javascript for the Instant Website. 


Release Date:  

  • Code changes due to product acquisition
  • Made On/Off button green for clear visibility


Release Date:  

  • Move install to point to GLiNTECH servers