Using Custom Button

Custom Button


Custom Button macro is used to add a button with a call to action on the page. A Custom Button can be configured to navigate the user to another page , document or external address.

Using Custom Button macro

Once installed, the Custom Button macro can be defined when editing a page. 

Adding a Custom Button to the page.

  1. From the editor tool-bar select Insert more content > Other macros. Here the user can search and select from the list of installed macros by typing in ‘Custom Button’.
  2. Select Custom Button
  3. Complete the configurable properties.
  4. Select Preview to get an initial view of the button. 
  5. Select Insert to add the button to the page.


There are two properties that need configuring when using this macro :

  1. Button Label is the text that will appear on the button.  Conventionally Button labels are verbs. This property is mandatory.

  2. Address is a link to another page in a Confluence space, document, or an external link. This property is mandatory.
    By selecting Insert Link the user is given the option to search from Confluence pages, recently viewed, web link or Advanced. 
  3. You can customise the background colour or text colour of the button by clicking the input field. 
    This will open up a colour picker which will allow you to select your desired colour in varying gradients:
  4. Alternatively you can input your own hex, rgb, or colour name values.