Using Breadcrumb

  1. From the editor tool-bar (page must be in Edit mode) select Insert more content > Other macros. Here the user can search and select from the list of installed macros by typing in ‘Breadcrumb’. 
  2. Select Breadcrumb.
  3. Complete the configurable properties - described below.
  4. Select Insert to add the Tile Container on the page.


There are four properties that could be configured while editing this macro:

  • Space Home Page Label. Used to set a label other than home page title. If left empty space home page title will be applied while rendering the page.

  • Crumb Divider. Used to set a divider string . Default is ‘/’

  • Breadcrumb Label Used to print a text preceding the entire breadcrumb . For example: You are here

  • Exclude Pages Directory Selected by default, this property removes 'Pages' from the breadcrumb path. Deselecting it would include and add the Page Directory link (breadcrumbs.collector.pages) to the beginning of the breadcrumb.