Using Breadcrumb for Confluence Cloud

  1. From the editor tool-bar (page must be in Edit mode) select Insert more content > Other macros. Here the user can search and select from the list of installed macros by typing in ‘Breadcrumb’. 

  2. Select Breadcrumb.

  3. Complete the configurable properties - described below.

  4. Select Insert to add the Tile Container on the page.


There are four properties that could be configured while editing this macro:

  • Text before breadcrumb. Used to set a label other than home page title. If left empty space home page title will be applied while rendering the page.

  • Breadcrumb separator. Used to set a divider string. Default is ‘/’

  • Include Page directory. Turn on to include "Page" as the first crumb.

  • User a custom breadcrumb. By turning this on, the user is able to create a completely bespoke breadcrumb. 

Custom Breadcrumb

The custom breadcrumb toggle, when turned on, reveals the following options to build your own breadcrumb.

Custom title: the crumb name displayed on the rendered page

Custom link: the link the crumb will navigate to

By selecting "Add" the crumb will be pushed down above the last crumb created. 

Use the up ↑ and down ↓ arrows to move crumbs around or the bin icon  to delete it.