Terms and Conditions Release Notes

Version 1.1.2


  • Fixed an issue with the Database table structure that caused a NullPointerException when trying to navigate to the configuration page. 

Version 1.1.1


If you have recently upgraded to Version 1.1.1 from a previous version, we ask that you upgrade to v1.1.2

  • Introduced configurable title field and button labels allowing the user to set these in their preferred language
  • Confluence compatibility upgrade to Confluence 6.2.1
  • Marked add-on as Data Center Compatible


New Configuration Fields and outputEnter text in your preferred language

New Configuration fields

Enter text in any language

Version 1.0.13

  • Minor bug fix to resolve an issue with configuration navigation

Version 1.0.12 


  • Compatibility upgrade to Confluence 6.1.1